Best Nike Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

A healthy life is everybody’s target in this era of diseases. Having a healthy life includes diet and fitness programs. Once you decide on creating a fitness routine, side effects like fatigue and muscle cramps come your way. These heal after exercising continuously. However, there are other side effects which serve as hindrances. Having plantar fasciitis is a nightmare especially if you were looking forward to living a healthy life through running and jogging.

Well, you heel tissue is saying no to sudden foot involving activities like those that’s why you are feeling pain on your heels. The plantar fasciitis treatment involves stretching and therapies, very expensive procedures. Changing your running shoes could be a permanent and cheap solution as well. Nike shoes have been recommended and here we will look at some of the best Nike shoes for plantar fasciitis.

The Nike Dart Shoes for Running

The branding involves running but these shoes could work for casual purposes. Nike as a leading brand is known for comfortable shoes. For those suffering from plantar fasciitis, this Nike dart shoe could work as a shock absorber for your feet. Every time you take one step, the weight of your whole body falls on your feet and if you start vigorous activities, you need shock absorbers. The reason is because your foot plantar fascia is not used to such and that’s the reason for the pain. The Nike dart shoes could be the solution to the problem especially if the cause comes from shocks from running.

The Nike Flex Shoes

Flex shoes from Nike company come with choices for both men and women. Women shoe colors are brighter than men’s. Apart from shock on the foot, having a flat foot could also be a cause of plantar fasciitis. The flex shoes offer support for your shoe arch relaxing the muscles and a comfort feel as you do your routine jogging or running exercises. The contour inside the shoe inside the shoe is where the attention of the shoe is.

Air Max Shoes from Nike

If you have tried air max shoes then you know how comfortable they feel. With air max, you feel like you’re surfing the ground. There are two cause of plantar fasciitis. One is vigorous activities and the other is gaining weight. If you gain weight, you need extra comfort for your foot which is subjected to more pressure. Nike air max are the best Nike shoes for plantar fasciitis. They are comfortable and you will not feel the pressure and shock like other shoes.


Having the best Nike shoes for plantar fasciitis is a solution to the condition. The Nike air max type is actually a good solution rather than undergoing treatment which might not work if you don’t change the type of shoes you use for running or jogging.

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