Promise to Women

One of the reasons some women don’t start working out or lifting weights is that they don’t want to get ‘big bulky muscles’. We’ve heard this many times from both men AND women. It’s a valid concern and we would like to reach out to you.

We’re making this promise only to the women because, well, fellas? If you get bigger icky bumpy muscles you can deal with it on your own.

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It’s official…’I don’t want to get all big and bulky’ is no longer an excuse!!

See you soon!

–Motor City CrossFit

P.S. – Here’s a graphical representation of what we’re talking about. On the left you have a female marathon runner’s muscles. On the right you have a female weightlifter. This woman lifted nearly 200 lbs over her head in Beijing (198 lbs to be exact). And look at those big, icky muscles. If you aren’t afraid to look like the gal on the right, stop on by.

Since the above picture is kinda small, here’s the original :

And on a final note, guys, you DO get lean looking muscles when you do Crossfit type workouts, but pretty much end up looking the same as the ladies do if you’re a marathon runner (you decide if it’s attractive or not, see below). We’re built different, ladies don’t build those muscles like men unless they’re “using” something they shouldn’t be if you catch my drift.

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